Write a Letter - Heal Your Soul!
Before Sending Your Letter

Your letter is written, now what?  Before sending your letter, there are two things you should do. 

First, set your expectations.

Setting your expectations beforehand will do two things. First, it will help you deal with rejection should that become the case. Second, it will help reinforce that this process is about you and your relationship with God. Why is this so important? Because when your primary reason and focus for doing something is to please God, it won’t matter what others think or how they respond.

Speaking from personal experience, I wrote letters of reconciliation to my seven brothers and sisters because I needed to “get right with God.” Now, did I also need to get right with my siblings? Yes, but that was not the primary reason I sought reconciliation. The primary reason I went through this process was because I wanted to follow God’s will and work on healing. So, my expectation in writing the letters was that God would honor my faithfulness to Him, He would rectify the situation and He would be the one who would help change everyone’s heart. This allowed me to be strong and stand firm in my decision. You can set your expectations by simply praying the following:
Lord, I wrote this letter of reconciliation with the expectation that
no matter what happens or how this turns out, You will honor my faithfulness to You.
I know You don’t want me seeking the approval of others;
You only want me to be concerned with Your approval.
I pray that You approve of the intents of my heart.
Through this experience, I expect to have a stronger relationship with You.
In Jesus’ name I pray, AMEN.

Second, say a prayer over your letter before sending it.

Before you hand deliver, mail, or email your letter, ask for God's blessing.
Pray the following:
Lord, I am stepping out in faith and writing this letter of
reconciliation to (the person’s name).
As I send this letter, I pray it is received with an open mind and a kind heart.
I pray for healing and reconciliation for myself, for (the person’s name),
and for our situation.
I also pray for healing for all others who may have been affected by this situation.
Above all, I ask for Your blessing and I pray that Your will be done.
In Jesus’ name I pray, AMEN.
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