Write a Letter - Heal Your Soul!
​Would you like to take a moment to really deal with the hurt in your life? If so, forgiveness is the answer. When you forgive those who have hurt you, or ask to be forgiven, you begin the process of true healing and reconciliation. Forgiving yourself is also a big part of the healing process.
A letter is a great way to express your desire for forgiveness because writing is therapeutic. And, The Healing Letters Project was created just for that purpose – to encourage women to write forgiveness letters so that they may heal and move forward. 
​Natacha Cann, founder of the project, wrote letters to her seven brothers and sisters to make amends. She took a leap of faith and reached out to her siblings so that she could take responsibility for her actions and reconcile the past. In 2013, her eldest brother died unexpectedly of a heart attack. Then, in 2016, her eldest sister died of cancer. After both deaths, Natacha had no regrets. She had already taken steps to forgive her siblings and was able to let go of past hurts and offenses.
Forgiveness is a life changing experience because it heals your heart, mind and soul. If you need to experience this type of transformation, we invite you to participate in The Healing Letters Project by writing a forgiveness letter.

Letters can be submitted through our website or Facebook page.
​Letters may be submitted under your name or anonymously, and may be written to someone living, someone deceased, or even to yourself.

Letters will be posted on our website to encourage other women who may be hesitant to take a leap of faith and write their own letter. If they know they are not alone, it may help them take the first step.
​Here are excerpts of letters from women who have participated in the Project. To learn how these women found healing by writing their forgiveness letters, visit our Testimonials page and read their testimonies.
​​Dear Dad, I pretended to not care when it was Daddy-daughter day at our school and I had to explain that I didn't have a dad. In fact, it hurt me so much. You had no way to know. You were away in Nebraska with a new life and then you died before I could know you. I am forgiving myself for feeling unwanted as this was an invention all my own. I understand that now. Signed, Your Daughter, Tina
Dear Anonymous, I want you to know that I forgive you for leaving me and cheating on me with another woman. I felt sad that you left the kids too. They were so little and we never had a chance to be a family. The past 15 years have been extremely difficult because you didn’t take responsibility monetarily like you promised in the divorce agreement, but I forgive you. Signed, Anonymous
Dear Uncle, Stepfather, Aunt's Boyfriend, Cousin, Random Guy at the Park, and Sister's Boyfriend: I've long ago forgiven you for the horrendous, egregious acts of sexual abuse you all heaped upon me from ages 4 to 13, but I'm reaffirming my forgiveness through this letter. Just know this: you have no power over me, you did not destroy me, and I am a survivor! Signed, Anonymous Survivor
​To read these entire letters and others, click the links below and download the letter.