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Heartfelt Forgiveness Prayers

​As you read the following prayer requests, please take a moment to
pray along with the requester. Pray that God will open our hearts and minds
so that true forgiveness, healing and reconciliation may begin.

A Prayer to Deal with Pain

Heavenly Father, I come before you asking for your forgiveness. You said in your word that I must forgive if I want you to forgive me. So, I ask you now to remove any hurt that I'm feeling. You know my pain and I know that your desire is that I be made whole.

So, I give this pain over to you because you said in your word that I should cast all my cares upon you. I thank you God that you will walk with me through this process of forgiving. I thank you that you will never leave nor forsake me.

I ask forgiveness for those I have offended in word or because of the way I treated them. In your word you said that we should pray for our enemies and those who spitefully use us, so God I pray for them. Help me to forgive as you forgave. I pray that they will want to develop a closer relationship with you and in the end be saved in your kingdom. Help me not to hold any bitterness, malice or resentment in my heart.

Thank you for continuing to forgive me as I forgive others. Help me to be more like you. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen.

~Randa E.

A Prayer When I Can't Forgive Myself

Forgive me for wasting opportunities and blessings that God put before me.

~Yvette A.

Prayers for Trust and Faith in God

Father God,

I’ve tried every avenue I can think of from consulting with the Pastor to being involved in recovery groups, but I still feel very much alone. In Your word you promise to never leave our side, to never forsake us at any hour; nevertheless, I am walking this earth looking for some sign that you’re here with me.

Forgive me Lord if I sound disappointed. I am depressed, anxious, and lonely. I need you, Lord. Please open my eyes to see you working in my life, and allow me to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit when I cry out.

Forgive me for doubting you, Lord. I love you and all I desire is to know you better. I believe as I grow in your word, I will understand these moments of loneliness. Amen


A Prayer to Change

Dear God,

Please remove my expectations and selfish desires around making peace with my family. Forgive me my trespasses. Open my heart and help me accept your will and way. Allow me to be vulnerable and honest in the face of fear. Walk with me and hold my hand - help me know you are here, and I am in the process of becoming what you would have me be.


I am in need of prayer for God's mercy, forgiveness, favour and wisdom. I have made a series of bad decisions financially that have landed me in debt. I need a way out and fast before I make things worse.

Also I am seeking the Lord's purpose over my life.


A Prayer to Remain Honest at Heart

Lord, I ask you to forgive me for all the things that are not of you and also help me to be able to stop lying to myself and others. Because I do want to go to the Kingdom of Heaven.


Prayers to Heal Our Family

Pray for my family in Atlanta. We have so much trauma, however, we want God to grant us courage, inspiration and gracious thoughts as we continue to grow.

 Kessa Z.

I forgive my family, as far as my mother and brother. I love them and really care about them, even through the tough times. I would like to spend more time with them soon. I would like my family situation to get much better. I love them.

~Nancy W.

Prayers for my relationship with my husband and children get better. Also to control my temper.


I pray and request prayers that my ex-daughter-in-law allows me to see my grandson.I pray God will enter her heart and she will see how much I love my little grandson.
Thank you, thank you


Please pray for my family as my wife has decided that she wants to end our marriage. I know God has the power to help couples reconcile and help them to fall back into love. I am hopelessly in love with her and I'm not going to give up on her, our promise to each. I feel submerged like good can't hear me. Our 4 test old boy deserves his parents to fight for him. Please help.


I pray for God to be present and working in my relationships. Specifically with my family.


My husband and I have always had a tumultuous relationship with our younger son Eric and his family (wife and two kids, 2 and 4). They recently moved back 'home' from 1800 miles away. They stayed with us until their place was ready. Things went from bad to worse - they left two months ago and have not spoken to us or allowed us to see or speak to our beloved grandchildren... I have a serious chronic illness and I worry things will not be fixed in a timely manner - and I will either die or be too ill to resume a loving relationship. I need your prayers for reconciliation for our family, for my health, and that my son and family find God.....Thank you,Jo


A Prayer to Let Go of Resentment

I would like to forgive my grandmother in every way for everything that has happened in the past. I live with so much resentment and animosity towards her, and I hate (don’t like) that I feel that way. I love her a lot, but I experienced so much hurt regarding her, her words and her actions.

~Lori B.

Dear Heavenly Father

I'm sorry I still have not got over the emotional hurt Jeremy had inflicted in me. I have had tried many times; my tears are blocked and I couldn't cry my sorrow out. Sometimes, I'm confused with my emotions, I don't know how exactly I should feel about the whole thing. Should I continue to be angry of a man who imposed as a single eligible man when I met him online and later made me fall in love with him? Should I sympathize his wife Jaime who chose to be passive and forgave him? Father, please forgive me for not being to able to let go of these negative emotions totally, I truly want to be healed and move on, but there seems to have unfinished issues in me that I want them to be let out. Dear Father, I ask you to comfort me and teach me how to get over this emotional turmoil. I ask through our Lord, Jesus Christ, Amen


Prayers for Strength during Stressful Times

Hi there. I had to resign from my job in October last year, as a result of poor decisions I made when faced with a very bad temptation. I was unfortunately in a job that wasnt very satisfying, and I didnt see myself pursuing a career in the field. The job stress also piled up, and as a result, this led to my making the bad decision.

I resigned the job, and did not have an alternative job to go to. I now find myself in a very bad financial position, having not had an income for the past 9 months, and the prospect of getting a job is not looking to good.

My request is to pray for strength to get through this period, for strength to forgive myself for the bad decision, and that a job opportunity comes up for me soon.


Prayers for Your Friends

I wish to reconcile with my friend, Julieta. It's been almost 2 years of silence. I've reached out to her several times, but I haven't received a reply, yet. I ask for your prayers, so that we may reconcile and reunite soon. Our friendship means the world to me, and I wish for a second chance. Thank you so much.


Prayers to Heal Your Soul

Please pray for me that I can be still and understand the Holy Spirit will lead me to know God is God'; that I do not have to jump in and "save" myself through human error and vain glory; that my family is the best I will have around me and to forgive accusations of wrongdoing that have separated me from them is God's will; He is the judge and Pilot of our souls.Help me to find peace to remain still and honor God's will for my life instead of suddenly, unbelieving, jump in to save myself through the desires Satan may improvise. Thank you, God, for saving my soul.

~Janet R
"Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

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