Write a Letter - Heal Your Soul!

Thank you for having this site so I feel like I am able to reach out to those I cannot reach. My ability to express my authentic self is so critical to my healing and moving forward. I have written 4 letters, 2 to the living and 2 to the deceased. I have one more to write. And I sincerely appreciate the feeling that I am casting out my words to the universe to find their way to help me heal. This year I learned how important to my well being and inner comfort (and a quiet voice in my head) that taking action is. By forgiving myself and reaching out to those I have hurt or been hurt by, I am able to move myself out of internal unrest to actually laugh and enjoy life again. It sounds odd but it really works. Think of it as letting go of a butterfly you are holding by the wings. The butterfly is actually you. And the one holding the wings is your past self. This site lets me take actions to let go of the past through saying the words to those people. This is a wonderful and amazing project that makes my life better. I hope everyone reading can find the peace they need by doing the same.
~ All the best, Tina C.

​Writing my letter helped me to understand that I need to accept that my relationship with my older brother will always be what it is. I learned to stop hoping for perfection and the ideal state because it will only make me resent him. It is what it is, and I came to that conclusion by writing the letter. Thank you to Natacha for informing me of this project. It has helped me put on a new perspective.
~ C.M.

​I wrote a letter of forgiveness to my dad, who passed away several years ago. Even though he is no longer with me there were some things I needed to say to him so that I could have closure. He wasn’t perfect and made some mistakes, but overall I know he did his best. I needed to let him know that I forgive him for those times when he said and did things that made me and my siblings feel bad. I expressed to Natacha that writing the letter made me feel a genuine sense of relief. I am no longer hurting over the past or thinking about bad things that occurred. By participating in The Healing Letters Project, my future memories of my father will only be of the good qualities and the love I know he had for us.
~ A Loving Daughter

I spent years trying to figure out how to apologize to my dad for various things that happened during his dying days. After discovering The Healing Letters Project, I was finally able to pour out my heart to my dad and ask for his forgiveness.  Although he passed many years ago, I know that through the power of my letter and the Holy Spirit, he now knows how I felt during those last days and how badly I feel for the many horrible things that occurred. I KNOW that he has forgiven me and a great burden of guilt has been lifted from my shoulders. Thank you, Natacha, for this project and the empowerment you have given me and others, to be able to ask for forgiveness in such a fulfilling manner!
~ D.S.

I’d like to share a short testimonial with you. It is my hope that you will be inspired to allow the Holy Spirit to lead you as well. Forgiving others is one of those golden rules that we all think we have down but when we are challenged with it, we realize that the level of forgiveness we have given someone is not as deeply rooted, as it should be. Writing my first letter of reconciliation ended up being more heart wrenching then I expected it to be. The pain I carry extends back six years, and although I believe that I have forgiven the people involved and the past is the past, this letter caused the Holy Spirit within me to grieve so much that I found myself hesitating to complete the project. I shared with Natacha the depth of this relationship and through that process; I am hearing God speak to my heart. I know the Holy Spirit grieves with me, and I also know that I need to release this pain and trust God to mend the relationship “if it is His will to do so”. This letter of reconciliation is a START.
~ Diane H.

For a long time I wanted to start the healing process with my family. I knew the most difficult part was going to be with my sister. I started writing her a letter some time ago, but was unsure on how or when it should be done. While being mentored by Natacha, I learned about The Healing Letters Project. To me, this project was one of God’s signs showing me the way. I was able to finish the letter and send it to my sister. It was one of the best decisions and was a big step in starting the forgiveness process. I have been able to open the door for us to begin our relationship over. I am now writing letters to my mother and daughter as well.
~ Linda K.